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Megan Thee Stallion Claims That Tory Lanez Tried To Buy Her Silence

Tory Lanez is out at least another couple of hundred bucks in legal fees responding to new details Megan Thee Stallion gave about the night Tory allegedly shot her in the foot. Megan was recently named GQ’s Rapper of the Year and talked a little bit more about that night in the accompanying interview. According to Megan, Tory begged her not to say anything and even went so far as to offer her and her friend money to keep quiet which is possibly more humiliating for him than still only being the fourth or fifth most famous Canadian rapper, and that only because he shot a woman who’s much more famous and successful than himself. Tory probably had to pay his attorney more to say “false” to this story, than he allegedly offered Megan to stay quiet in the first place.

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