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Well, At Least We Got A Chorus Of Dancing Jockstrap Faces

Can’t Feel My Face” isn’t only just one of The Weeknd’s cokey anthems, it was also what some people said last night after their face and everything else went numb and fell asleep over the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show. It was presented by Pepsi (and yes, the entire internet made the same “sponsored by Pepsi but all the songs about coke” joke), but it really should’ve been presented by Vivarin and Dramamine, because when The Weeknd (government name: Abel Tesfaye) wasn’t crooning us into an open-eyed coma, he was giving us the dizzies! Oh, it also should’ve been sponsored by Aspirin because many oldies probably chewed on several Aspirin pills to avoid having a heart attack over the misspelling of “Weekend“!!!

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Written by Michael K


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