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Zoë Kravitz Has Filed For Divorce From Karl Glusman After Less Than Two Years Of Marriage

In late June 2019, Zoë Kravitz, 32, and actor Karl Glusman, 33, threw a lavish wedding in Paris after a sort-of secret and smaller civil ceremony. Just 18 months? That’s not even long enough for the last drunk-salvaged wedge of wedding cake mummified in 15 layers of plastic wrap and suffocated in a zip bag in the deep freeze, labeled with the date and a rainbow of heart emojis; to prove itself by enduring repeated poundings by the giant bag of organic blueberries that keeps getting yanked out for smoothie detail and then carelessly dropped back in. And then there’s the semi-thaw and re-freeze of multiple power outages. The sentimental cake wedge’s resilience and survival are always a testament to the marriage itself. Can the giddy newlyweds endure all the vicissitudes of married life both in and outside of the literal and figurative deep freeze? Time will tell. Well, 18 months of time have spoken, and not even the fledgling ice-patina of wedding cake freezer burn can work its crystallized longevity magic. And speaking of cake, today happens to be Karl’s 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday…

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Written by Natasha

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