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The fall of KimYe has been drawn out longer than the vocal fry moan that Kourtney Kardashian lets out whenever the salad place gets her order wrong, but today, Kim Kardashian finally filed for divorce from Kanye West after 6 years of marriage, which is 6 years longer than we all thought it would last. This isn’t that surpring since we knew Kim was going to file for divorce any second now, but still, it’s a tiny bit shocking that she actually wants to get rid of a big ass. Kim wants joint legal and physical custody of their four kids (Kanye is fine with that) and neither is contesting the prenup. They’re already working on a property settlement. And as we all wonder who gets custody of the Robert Kardashian Hologram, Pimp Mama Kris’ minions are probably bitching over having to spend their weekend leaking more stories about this and preparing Van Jones to become Mr. Kim Kardashian #4 – TMZ

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Written by Michael K

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