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Ben Affleck And Ana de Armas Emerged From Hiding After Several Long Months Away From The Cameras

Only a love as raw and transcendent as that between Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas and Rodrigo (pictured above in July) has the power to make a couple of months feel like an eternity. BenAna spent the spring and summer reminding us daily what real commitment (to a bit) looks like, but as soon as the first chill of fall hit the air, BenAna receded from the spotlight, presumably taking to heart the world’s pleas that they get a fucking room. However, according to The Daily Mail, BenAnaRod had a brief reunion yesterday in front of Ben’s “dad pad,” with Ben greeting Ana at the front gate while wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Cuban phrase “asere ya, gracias” which translates loosely to “my eyes are up here, thank you.

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Written by Mieka

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