Courteney Cox Revealed She Hasn’t Seen Boyfriend Johnny McDaid Since Before The Pandemic

It’s been over seven months since that hag Corona V. forced North America into pandemic lockdown mode. Seven months of no touching, no socializing, and no free mouthin’ (eating, kissing, breathing). And Courteney Cox has been without her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, that entire time. The 44-year-old member of the band Snow Patrol went to Europe for work in March, and the next day California closed its borders to visitors. We knew this. Back in May Courteney told mean ol’ Ellen that she was geographically separated from Johnny and “missed his touch” (translation: “I’m horny”). A bunch of months later, and Courteney shared a relationship update on her friend Foy Vance’s podcast The Vinyl Supper. And that update is: still separated! And probably still horny!

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Written by Emily

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