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Dominic West’s Marriage Might Be Over Because It’s Reported That He’s Got “Feelings” For Lily James

Despite what the Sharpie ink might have led you to believe, Dominic West’s ten-year marriage to Irish aristocrat Catherine FitzGerald might not be as strong as previously assumed. Last month, Dominic was caught by photographers with his co-star Lily James in a way that screamed, “Uh, what do you mean he’s not in an open relationship?” Dominic and his wife responded to those photos by assuring everyone that their marriage is strong. Then more pictures of Dominic and Lily came out, and an allegedly “humiliated” Catherine went to Ireland for a “work trip,” to “weigh her options.” If that sounded like the beginning of the end, well – congratulations, your ears are in great shape. Because The Sun is saying that Catherine is done.

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Written by Allison

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