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Dominic West’s Wife, Catherine FitzGerald, Has Fled To Ireland For A “Work Trip”

Last time on The Affair, our girl Lily James was forced to cancel interviews meant to plug Netflix’s Rebecca. Meanwhile, Dominic West was in talks to play an even more notorious cheater, Prince Charles, on The Crown. The other woman’s career suffering while the married man gets more work? Yep, that tracks. Now it’s wife Catherine FitzGerald’s turn to make headlines. Apparently, the 49-year-old landscape gardener has fled to Ireland to stay with her mother at Glin Castle, the family’s ancestral home, for an entire fortnight. Which is Shakespeare for “two weeks” (that’s how long Irish quarantine regulations are). And because he’s addicted to his own drama, Dominic once again made contact with reporters to confirm that, yes, his wife is outta town, but it’s a “work trip”. Um, sure, OK, but is it really wise to leave Dominic West all alone without a chaperone?

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