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Felicity Huffman Already Has A Post-Prison Job Lined Up At ABC

A year after serving 11 days of her 14-day sentence at the Pinky’s Up Lite Lockup For Gentile Ladies Of Means, Felicity Huffman is ready to get back to work. According to Deadline, Felicity’s already landed her first post-conviction role in a pilot for a family-friendly comedy described as a “funny, surprising and occasionally heartbreaking half-hour about love, loss, family and Triple-A baseball” for ABC. Felicity will star (yes STAR, no more supporting role for Ms. Huffman, she’s more famous than ever) as “the unlikely owner of a minor-league baseball team” who inherits the team after her husband dies. I guess ABC is hoping that the only thing we remember about Felicity paying $15,000 to have someone fix her daughter’s SAT scores, getting caught, pleading guilty, and going to jail for it, was the adorable way she said “ruh-roh!” when she knew the jig was up.

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Written by Mieka

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