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Gal Gadot Will Be Playing Cleopatra, So Naturally, Opinions Have Been Expressed

Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures has won the right to mount a probably cursed production of Cleopatra starring Gal Gadot with Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins directing. Patty and Gal will also be producers on the movie. Deadline says of Gal that “the film was her idea” which is crazy because I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. And of course, since Gal isn’t the actual mummified corpse of Cleopatra, people have expressed strong opinions online about her suitability for the role. Nevertheless, it turns out that the whole time Gal was singing Imagine, she wasn’t imagining a world free from disease and strife, she was imagining being The Queen of a world full of disease and strife. Side note: That Imagine video was posted on March 19th, DAY 6 of lockdown in California. It is now day 209. Carry on if you are able.

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Written by Mieka

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