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ICU ICU Baby: Vanilla Ice (And Taylor Dayne And Terri Nunn) Performed At Mar-A-Lago’s Maskless NYE Party

If on New Year’s Eve, you really wanted to end your year with a BANG of foolery by catching coronavirus in the stupidest way possible, both coasts offered your ass something. In Malibu, CA, COVID-19’s favorite Christian Kirk Cameron once again ignored the state’s lockdown rules like relevancy has ignored him for decades and held another unpermitted prayer gathering where dozens of people, who mostly didn’t wear masks, listened to him spew out words that translated to, “I have found a new way for people to actually pay attention to me.” And over at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, FL, hundreds of maskless messes danced to a Vanilla Ice performance during a pandemic. If in the future, your grandchildren ask you what the 2020 pandemic was like in America, just show them the clip of a maskless Donald Trump Jr. head-bopping to a performance of Ice Ice Baby by an accused wife beater.

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Written by Michael K

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