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Jason Lewis From “Sex And The City” Admits To Shooting Rice At Cats In His Yard And Is Sorry For That

Since the name Jason Lewis may make your brain spit out MariahCareyIDontKnowHer.GIF, he played Smith Jerrod (aka the Absolut Hunk aka Samantha Jones’ blondie boy toy actor) in the last season of Sex and the City and in both movies. Since then, he’s been in the show Midnight, Texas, as well as some Lifetime movies and other shit nobody has seen, but today (which is Caturday of all days) he’s known as a pussy-abusing wad of corroded ass cheese. Because he’s been shooting rice near stray cats to scare them out of his yard. After getting called out, Jason sharted out a sowwy. Nice try, trick, but when the cat takeover finally happens, you’ll still be at the top of their enemy list.

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Written by Michael K

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