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“Joker” But Make It Fashion

Because we live in a time when every psychotic dead-hearted cartoon villain of pure evil needs a movie that tries to explain to us why they became a psychotic dead-hearted cartoon villain of pure evil, Disney has made Cruella de Vil’s origin story. As expected, Disney put out the first trailer for Cruella starring Emma Stone as the diabiolical hell demon who goes on to plot the murder of PUPPEHS in the name of fashion (in other words, Pimp Mama Kris’ greatest inspiration). And Emma Stone’s campy British accent in the trailer is really something, so I’m sure the movie ends with the Dalmations being like, “Okay, okay, lady from La La Land, you win. If you stop with that accent, we’ll give you our coats,” as they zip their fur off.

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Written by Michael K

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