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Leonard Roberts Says That Racism And Ali Larter Led To Him Getting Fired From “Heroes”

When Leonard Roberts got cast in the series regular role of D.L. Hawkins on the first season of Heroes in 2006, he thought he landed his big break, but it turned out to be anything but. In an essay published by Variety, Leonard writes that from the get-go he knew Heroes was not going to be his dream job and his character was killed off after just one season. It wasn’t for story reasons either. Leonard says that he was never asked for input on his character, he and other actors of color were often side-lined, and that working with Ali Larter, who played his wife on the show, was about as pleasant as a salad tossing from a python. And even though others working on the show also found that Ali Larter’s supervillain power was punching the souls of others with her asshole ways, Leonard was the one who got pink-slipped. Ali responded to Leonard’s claims about her, and it turns out her other supervillain power is that she can make eyeballs roll out of heads with a shitty statement.

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Written by Michael K

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