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Lily Collins Admits She Was Wrong About The Age Of Her “Emily In Paris” Character

Last week Lily Collins, star of the très stupide but très jolie Netflix show Emily in Paris, embarrassed herself when she told British Vogue that she thought her character was only 22 years old. HA! Here are the FACTS: Emily has a Masters degree, a big, important job at a big, important marketing firm, a closet full of expensive-looking clothes, and a dildo that you plug into a wall. Bitch ain’t 22. Also, not to slag off Ms. Collins, who’s clearly a gorgeous model/actress/nepotism baby, but Lily herself is 31. For a woman, that’s “I have three teenagers” acting territory, not “fresh out of undergrad” roles! Welp, based on the “fan” backlash (is anyone really an Emily in Paris “fan”, or are we all just victims of Netflix’s algorithm?), Lily is now backtracking on her “like, 22ish?” statement. She posted to her socials that she did a whoopies and was sorry.

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