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Lily Collins Thinks Her “Emily In Paris” Character Is 22 Years Old And The Internet Laughed

Emily in Paris. Have you watched this foolishness? I have, thanks to a mix of peer pressure, pandemic desperation, and marijuana. A hate-watch for sure, and pretty damn implausible. Despite speaking zero French, Emily, played by Lily Collins, gets a big-time marketing job in Paris and becomes a social media influencer overnight thanks to some basic selfies and hashtags (#mindthemerde, #EverythingsComingUpRoses, #roomwithaview). More fiction: Emily has long-distance Facetime sex with the blankets covering her tits, every one of her hare-brained career schemes actually works out, and girl wears a beret in Paris without anyone putting a cigarette out in her eye. But wait, there’s more! Dans un récent interview with British Vogue, Lily was asked how old she thought Emily was. The 31-year-old actress’ response? 22. Twenty-motherfuckin-two. If you’ve watched the show, join me in this “HA!”

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