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Lily James Might Have Called Dominic West’s Wife To Explain Away Those Pictures

A romantic setting, the paparazzi, a philandering husband that is only attractive if you tilt your head and squint and even then you’re not sure, phantom wedding rings that appear and disappear, all capped off with an embarrassing public display of unity: The Dominic West and Lily James Affair really is the posh version of the Justin Timberlake hand-holding debacle from last year. The parallels are almost uncanny including an attempt to convince the public, and Dominic’s wife Catherine FitzGerald, that everything was perfectly innocent. According to The Daily Mail, Lily might have called Catherine to convince her that the photos we saw of her and Dominic cavorting in Rome “could be innocently explained away.” But let’s be real here, does she have the range? It might be a tough acting job because according to Page Six, multiple eye-witnesses saw what they saw.

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Written by Mieka

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