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Matthew McConaughey Didn’t Talk To His Mom For Eight Years Because She Kept Talking To The Media About Him

Moms. The only thing they love more than talking to their kids is talking about their kids. And why should moms of celebrities be any different? Like a bunch of other stars right now, Matthew McConaughey just released his new memoir, entitled Greenlights, and he went on Howard Stern to plug, plug, plug. Soon the topic turned to his 88-year-old mother Kay McConaughey. No, Matthew didn’t get into his dad dying while sexing his mom (although, that’s in the book). But Matthew did get into how his mom’s blabbermouth messed up his relationship with her. Apparently, when Matthew first got famous in the nineties, Kay didn’t deal with it very well and leaked all his private information to the press. Matthew says she became “a different person”, and things got so bad that they were estranged for eight years. Sad face emoji.

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Written by Emily

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