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Max Ehrich Continues To Be A Pest And Demi Lovato Wants Him To Leave Her Alone

It has been [∅] days since Max Ehrich made an absolute fool of himself. Yesterday, Max treated us to a master class in Stunt Tears For The Digital Age when he was papped crying at the same Malibu beach he proposed to his now ex-fiance Demi Lovato on. It was… well, it was a lot. Too much for Demi who, according to E! News, is embarrassed by his behavior and wants him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Max continues to make the most of his moment in the spotlight (which in this case is more like a heat lamp at a Hometown Buffet) by responding to fans/trolls in his Instagram DMs with anguished selfies and getting the word out about his new single that’s supposed to come out on Friday. It’s all about the benefits of engaging with a licensed mental health professional and letting go. I’m kidding, it’s about Demi.

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Written by Mieka

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