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Nicolas Cage Once Gave $20,000 In Roulette Winnings To An Orphanage

Even though Nicolas Cage is currently working on two different projects (his turn as Tiger King Joe Exotic for an 8-part miniseries and his is turn as Nicolas Cage in the movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent) he’s bored enough in quarantine that he’s considering teaching his pet crow, which eats Sheba Perfect Portions cat food, to say “cock” instead of calling him an asshole every time he walk in the door. At least that’s what he told his friend Marylin Manson in a recent interview for Interview magazine. In fact, Nic and Marylin spent a good portion of their interview talking about cocks (Marylin compared his to a mummified hand Nic once owned, which tracks) but they managed to keep them in their pants long enough to talk about a the time Nicolas won $20,000 at roulette and gave it all away to a Bahamian orphanage. Which also tracks.

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Written by Mieka

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