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Shia LaBeouf And Margaret Qualley Got Naked In The Name Of High Art

Style-wise, I’m completely obsessed with Shia LaBeouf. Sometimes, he bolts out of the house to grab a coffee dressed for a Daytona 500 tailgate party; sometimes it looks more like he’s on his way to join the picket lines at a sanitation workers’ sit-in. And then occasionally he just says “fuck it!” and mixes lumberjack chic with Day-Glo prints and a greasy rattail. And underneath all that Central Florida Nascar fan cosplay, he’s a Museum of Shitty Tattoos. Because I watched this short, which features him and actress/Andie MacDowell’s daughter/park trespasser Margaret Qualley as a couple in a fucked-up relationship (these two were perfectly cast btw), titled “Love Me Like You Hate Me” and, honestly, after digesting all 9½ minutes of it, I hate myself the most.

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Written by Adam

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