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Texans Beyoncé And Kacey Musgraves Helped With Disaster Relief While Ted Cruz Was Headed To Cancun

As the state of Texas has been struggling under extreme weather conditions and a failing power grid, proud Texan Beyoncé has been shipping warm winter clothing for those in need. Just yesterday, Reese Witherspoon posted a picture of an “Icy Park” drop she got from Beyoncé which included a metallic, copper-look puffer coat from Ivy Park x Adidas’s new winter line. But because Beyoncé isn’t 2021’s most colossal asshole, her BeyGood foundation is also helping Texans with disaster relief. Obviously, 2021’s most colossal asshole (to date) is Ted Cruz who thought it would be a good idea to abandon his constituents in the midst of one of the worst natural and man-made disasters in the state’s history to jet off to the Ritz-Carlton resort in Cancun only to turn right around and blame the ill-advised trip on his kids. And unfortunately for Ted, while they are verifiable disasters of epic proportions, his life, career, wardrobe, haircut, beard, and face don’t qualify for BeyRelief.

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