Just a couple of days after a judge finally spit at Ghislaine Maxwell’s repeated moves to keep a 2016 testimony of hers from public eyes, it has been released, which means that several journalists have propped their eyelids up with toothpicks to not miss a thing as they go over every smegma-wrapped lie that leaped off of her demon tongue. So far, it seems like Ghislaine dodged questions as though the questions were an of-age woman and she was Jeffrey Epstein. It also looks like the hardest working trick, besides the geyser hole of lies that Ghislaine calls a mouth, is the black bar. The names of several of Epstein’s powerful friends are blacked out. The devil works hard, but the lawyers of the elite work harder to keep their clients’ names out of Ghislaine’s mouth, on paper anyway.

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Written by Michael K

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